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Automate your member register and free up your time

With the easy-to-use FloMembers membership management, member issues remain in control. One annual fee. No hidden costs. More than 1,000 different organizations use FloMembers.

Enhance your communication

You can send emails and text messages to members. With groups, you can send your message only to your board members, for example.

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Automate functions

Functionalities can be fully or partially automated. For example, invoicing and tracking membership payments can be handled automatically. This will provide you with more time to do other things.

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3 reasons to choose FloMembers

Manage events

With inbuilt event management, it is easy and simple to enroll in your organization’s events and to invoice your participants. Data can be exported to Excel easily.

Easy to customize

Each association is unique. With FloMembers, your membership management can be customized to your association’s needs.

Electronic invoicing

Invoicing your members can be handled electronically. Electronic invoicing saves post charges, envelopes, and printing paper. Transactions can be fetched automatically from the bank.